This book is a treasure trove of illustration, painting, typography, copywriting and studio production – a wonderful celebration of Zealandia and its foundational graphic glory.
Kevin Roberts – CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi
Advertising and promotion have produced some of New Zealand’s most dynamic and entertaining imagery but our art history has mostly ignored it as a source of either insight or information. Now that can all change. This fantastic resource will help to reassess the importance of commercial art and the critical part it has played in building our visual culture.
Jim Barr and Mary Barr – Art writers and commentators
Everything being put into perspective at last! The redoubtable Mr Alsop might have excelled himself with this remarkable publication. Of course I’m biased towards the bright and the shiny, but the quality of the research into the science of catching the eye, and the results of that research, is simply stunning. Page after page shows us that, despite being a million miles from the centre – such as we were then – we didn’t miss much. This is indeed a gift that will keep on giving!
Dick Frizzell – Artist
Through running Rugby World Cup 2011, and now in tourism, I believe more and more in the power of legacy and standing on the shoulders of those that have come before. Building prosperity, our wellbeing, is what life is all about.. You can’t help but be impressed with this book – a stunning and uplifting reminder of our foundations and amazing ability to seize opportunity and prosper.
Martin Snedden – Chief Executive, Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand
New Zealand graphic art has long needed committed disciples dedicated to revealing its lost histories and it now seems to have found them. Hot on the heels of ‘Selling the Dream’, this book is another fascinating look into the history of New Zealand design that we as Kiwis have come so close to losing. This book is a must-have for anyone genuinely interested in our history as a country of designers.
Douglas Lloyd Jenkins – Director, Hawkes Bay Museum & Art Gallery
Gosh, what an uplifting book to inspire living and doing business in this great country. This is an incredible collection of images celebrating our creative and entrepreneurial roots.
Al Brown – Chef and Writer
We tend to forget how rapidly we’ve developed as the youngest country in the world. This book is a spectacular and timely reminder of our ability to overcome challenge and find new ways to build our wellbeing. It is a great lift at a time when, both economically and socially, we need to lift.
Gareth Morgan