In addition to Promoting Prosperity, Peter and Gary co-authored Selling the Dream: The Art of Early New Zealand Tourism, a recent 408 page publication that has received critical acclaim.

Peter Alsop
Peter is a senior executive who has worked across the public and private sectors. He is a keen collector of
New Zealand art, with particular interests in early advertising, tourism publicity, hand-coloured photography and
mid-century New Zealand landscape paintings.

Gary Stewart
Gary has a background in corporate and small business brand design, but spends most of his time now
with clients on publishing and hospitality projects through his company The Gas Project.


There are three types of people that ask you about developing a book like this. The first ask the question ‘are you going to make any money out of it?’ These are the people that mistakenly think they understand what having a real passion means. The second type just pat you on the back for making a contribution to the fabric of this great country called New Zealand. The third ask how they can help, understanding that producing a publication of this scale doesn’t happen during normal work hours. We owe a great deal to a wide range of enthusiastic supporters of this book.